How To Achieve The Perfect Steak Sandwich

Few dishes deliver on the promise to satisfy your hunger like a really well-prepared steak sandwich. That moment that you experience the perfect combination of tenderness, flavour and juiciness as all of the elements come together in perfect harmony is a moment like no other. When all the ingredients work together in tandem; the bun, the toppings, the condiments, even the wrapping that it is presented in, it truly is a magic moment. 


Creating the perfect steak sandwich in order to achieve restaurant-quality meat sandwich nirvana, is something of a life-changing experience you’ll always strive to replicate and improve upon. Moving forward, you will constantly be aiming to better your last creation. Should you use dry aged meat? How thin should it be sliced? What kind of bun should we choose? Which toppings should be included? Being brave and bold with your choices is the only way to create the perfect steak sandwich. 


Below, we delve into what is required to prepare the perfect steak sandwich in the comfort of your own home.


Understand Your Perfection


If someone asked you to define your version of the perfect steak sandwich, what would that look like? It’s a subjective topic largely depending on where you come from and what you have grown up with.


For example, if you were raised in Buffalo, New York, the mighty Roast Beef on Weck sandwich will no doubt be top of the list. “Weck” is short for Kummelweck, a variation on the Kaiser hamburger bun, but it’s topped with caraway seeds and kosher salt stuck to the bun’s top via a light coating of melted butter, then lightly toasted. This bun and topping combination provides a unique salty-tangy aroma and flavour that combines with quality sourced roast beef, slow-cooked until just a little bit of pink shading remains, then sliced paper-thin on a deli machine. When you top the meat on a Beef on Weck sandwich with fresh horseradish that permeates from your nose all the way up to your sinuses and causes your eyes to start watering, many locals would argue that you have then climbed to the mountaintop of steak sandwich nirvana.


We all have our built-in, regional preferences and some are more common than others. There are so many varieties of steak sandwiches out there for you to be inspired by and to take ideas from. Experimenting is part of the fun and ultimately is what will lead to you finding your own version of “perfection”.


Consider The Meat


If you have access to decently priced dry-aged meats, feel free to use them, to take your sandwich to the next level. The meat will be easier to slice thin since the ageing has relaxed it somewhat, and the flavour will be so much better since the moisture has been removed over the ageing period.


But don’t feel obligated if there are specials on other cuts that feature more attractive price points. If you are preparing a classic Philly Cheesesteak, for example, you’ll primarily be using Ribeye as it has the perfect ratio of fat marbling for flavour, yet it becomes very tender once chopped on the grill surface during cooking.


The meat is always the star of the show when it comes to a steak sandwich so make sure you spend some time looking at the different options available to you. 


Choosing The Cheeses


While cheese is not essential on a steak sandwich, there are many people out there that would argue a steak sandwich without cheese is never going to win any prizes for first. There are countless different kinds of cheese out there that you can choose from, depending on your tastes. Try experimenting with different options to find a solution that works best for your creation.  


For example, in the absence of quality Provolone, white American cheese is a good substitute, as is Velveeta. You can throw Cheddar on as well or go for something a little more interesting like a cracked black pepper cheddar to add another layer of com[plexity and flavour to your sandwich.


Don’t Forget The Bread


The bun or the bread that you use for your steak sandwich is crucial. In fact, steak sandwich aficionados will tell you that the bread is the unsung hero of any sandwich. If you have the best meat, condiments, toppings and cheese but sandwich them all between a mediocre bread choice, you will drag down the standard of the entire sandwich as a result. 


There are so many different options to choose from nowadays so again don’t be afraid to get a little experimental. Sourdough bread is more popular than ever nowadays and with good reason. Or perhaps a soft white roll, crunchy french baguette or a fresh bun is more to your taste? However, you choose to proceed, remember the bread that you choose can make or break your steak sandwich.


Put It All Together And Enjoy The Perfect Steak Sandwich


Now that you have everything you need, simply place each thin slice of steak directly on your pre-heated and oiled grill top. Flip it once and then begin the chopping process until the meat is broken up into half-inch pieces. Add in the chopped onions, peppers, tomatoes or any other toppings you like. Once this mixture is cooked to your liking, arrange it on the bread, top it with cheese, sit under the drill lengthwise on the grill and wait for it to melt. Once the cheese starts to ooze, it’s time to switch off the grill, sit back and enjoy that perfect steak sandwich masterpiece that you have created.

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