Tramlines Friday 2019: Easy Life @ The Leadmill Stage

The vibrant, eclectic sound of Leicester five-piece Easy Life is perhaps best summed up by its multi-faceted frontman Murray Matravers.

The singer, keyboardist and trumpeter said in a recent interview: “We’re just like jigsaw puzzle pieces, bodged together from lots of other bands doing bits in the city we grew up in.”

And to say that transforming their hip hop, indie, r’n’b and jazz tinged songs from the studio sound to their set on the Leadmill Stage wasn’t an impressive feat would be doing them a huge disservice.

The majority of the songs in their 45 minute set saw at least two members switching between instruments and, at its most captivating, had three of its members collectively belting out riffs on saxophones, guitars and anything they could get their hands on.

And the crowd lapped it up. Friends were on shoulders from the start of the firm favourite Sunday and singing was made unnecessary at times for Murray as the crowd belted back the lines of the well crafted versus.

Sadly some idiot decided to set off a flare in the enclosed surroundings during the band’s stand out first single ‘Pockets’, which took some of the spark out of such excellent lines as “I’m trying to unlock doors with these musical keys,” but otherwise, with moments like the first outing of new single ‘Earth’, the set was a euphoric occasion.

Though Murray may have to work on his crowd surfing game (in his two attempts he cascaded to the ground once before losing his glasses) and closer ‘Nightmares’ was subsided by an epic downpour, the future looks bright for Easy Life.

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