Tramlines 2017: Thee Mightees @ HUBS

The HUBS kicks off its Tramlines weekend with a blistering set from Thee Mightees. Molly Kerkham was there to sound it out…

Thee Mightees

The HUBS, Friday

Thee Mightees owe a lot to their C86 forefathers. The four-piece play jangly rock, following the classic indie formula of pairing cheery guitar melodies with drawled, love-sick lyrics. These Sheffield lads look the part too, the stage lit dreamily in fuzzy greens and pinks.

That’s not to say they leave the HUBS’ audience feeling nostalgic. Instead, their energy on stage is infectious, and even inspires a small (but enthusiastic) mosh pit. All this spirals out from impassioned drumming which propels each song forwards.

In fact, they are at their most compelling during ‘Record Store Day’ – an ode to all things vinyl – a small departure to the rest of their almost cutesy love songs. They’ve fine-tuned their line in onstage self-deprecating patter too, with jokes– particularly about their frequently misheard name – regularly counteracting their melancholy lyrics. With two albums under their belts already, there’s plenty to get stuck into out there from these guys – and I’d highly recommend you do just that.


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