The Sherlocks announce new album and homecoming gig

With their 2017 debut album Live For The Moment, Sheffield quartet The Sherlocks established themselves as key contenders in a new wave of British bands keeping alt-rock and indie vital for a new generation of fans. The album fired into the charts at #6 as the band inspired devotion whether they went, from shows with Liam Gallagher to an international array of festival dates to rapturously received shows in Japan.

Now The Sherlocks enter a new chapter in their career with the news that their eagerly anticipated second album Under Your Sky will be released on October 4 on Infectious Music, before the band return to Sheffield for a huge gig at the O2 Academy.

While Live For The Moment offers am insight into the hedonism and heartbreak of youth, Under Your Sky finds frontman Kiaran Crook writing songs which bridge the exuberance of youth with the reflection and maturity of young adulthood.

“The first album was us four in a room,” Kiaran summarises. “We wanted to make it really raw like the Arctic Monkeys’ first album or Kings Of Leon’s, by capturing the live sound and polish it up a bit. With this one we’ve taken it a step further and made it slightly smoother. Rather than having the guitars thrashing all the time we’ve tried being a bit sweeter with it. It sounds more contemporary.”

Tickets for November’s gig are on sale now. Head over to the O2 website to grab one.

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