The Rosadocs @ The Leadmill

Sometimes in this harsh world many of us just need a bit of escapism. By escapism I mean a good old dance to cracking tunes, and thanks to The Rosadocs every member of their Leadmill show crowd left with a smile.

This fantastic evening was kicked off by the first support act Alpaca Factory. As per usual, the Chesterfield band were on top form and got the crowd warmed up – especially with their covers of ‘Take It Or Leave It’ and ‘thank u, next’. The second support act, and now quite frankly my love at first listens, were a Barnsley band called Twenty Eighth Club who kicked off the evening’s moshpits with their distinctive, raw rock tracks.

Of course, what would be an indie rock gig without playing a couple of classics to get a crowd, that were already going insane, even more stimulated? The prestige venue first played ‘Morning Glory’, followed by ‘Sweet Caroline’, and just before Rosadocs entrance, ‘Seven Nation Army’. It wouldn’t be out of the question to say the crowd was like a battleground and it was every fan for themselves.

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The Rosadocs opened their set with ‘At Your Door’ which received an immense reaction from the diverse crowd of all ages. Being such a powerful, heavy song, this was a very effective track to kick off the night with. After this superb start, Rosadocs then went into one of their most popular tracks ‘Oak Tree’ which had every single member of the crowd singing their hearts out and loving each line.

One of the most special parts of the nights was when the classic ‘House of Commoners’ was played by the band with precision in every single note. Shoulders mounted, moshpits jumping and beer spilt was the reaction to this one. It was an absolute sight to see hundreds of people just united and having one hell of a time!

A special moment of their set was when the band dabbled with a cover of The Wanted’s classic ‘Glad You Came’. Slightly swaying from their indie genre, but nevertheless a fabulous performance all around by the band who made the track seem their own on the stage, and looking around at their adoring fans you could see they were enjoying it just as much as the band too.

I think anyone who attending this show could agree it was a complete success from start to finish, clearly displaying how much of a hard-working band these bunch of lads are. Good luck Rosadocs!

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