Tramlines 2017: The Libertines @ Ponderosa Park

Benedict Tetzlaff Deas was on hand to discover that the Albion boys are still bang on form.

Main Stage, Friday

Launching into ‘The Delaney’ and a set undoubtedly the highlight of many people’s weekends, it was difficult to believe that the almost immortal sight of Carl and Pete onstage together seemed, for many years, one banished to rock ‘n roll history.

Far from the magnets of tabloid newspaper hue and cry they were back when they first visited Sheffield, though, tonight’s performance from the on-off soulmates saw them deliver a set of old favourites and newer additions with a more relaxed, and dare I say it, mature demeanour.

Being a Libertines gig, however, it could never threaten to pass without incident, and their typical abandon and improvisation saw them navigate through a minor technical hiccup and vaguely inclement weather with very little difficulty.

They are seasoned professionals by now, after all, and there are few things a singalong to ‘What Katie Did’ cannot fix.

Riling the crowd with the timeless anthems ‘Don’t Look Into The Sun’ and ‘Can’t Stand Me Now’, you didn’t have to be one of the several in attendance wearing Up The Bracket era marching band uniform to know all the classics, and what was unarguably a legend’s slot was answered with a performance firmly reminiscent of all the best bits of the Albion boys from way back in the day.

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