Temples – Volcano

True to form, this latest offering from Kettering foursome Temples plays out like a dreamscape, from the light and airy opening of ‘I Want To Be Your Mirror’ to the irregular low drones and sharp screeches of ‘How Would You Like To Know’. With such contrasts, it’s hard to pin down the exact tone, though this creates an oddly satisfying sense of anticipation. The majority of the album’s songs are enjoyably melodic, with a distinct 60s and 70s vibe on tracks like ‘In My Pocket’ and ‘Oh The Saviouyr’, made all the more appealing through James Edward Bagshaw’s excellent vocals. ‘All Join In’ has a sublime cinematic quality to its opening (sort of a hyperactive Bladerunner) while the song’s questioning lyrics introduce a darker tone. Contrarily, ‘Celebration’ fully embodies the word, with a more uplifting message matched with a bouncy chorus. A confident output, Temples have really hit the mark with this more experimental yet still uniquely psychedelia-tinged sophomore album. 7/10 AM

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