Sundara Karma – Gig Review

On a chilly night in April in the Steel City, Sundara Karma blew the roof off the O2 Academy in a room filled with raunchy, radical rhythms.

As the band graced the stage, which appeared to be set out as a 70s lounge, the psychedelic sounds of ‘Higher States’ were blared out from the speakers and a sea of super pints launched in the air. It’s safe to say Oscar was dressing to impress on show #5 of their UK and Ireland tour. With each song, the band and the crowd matched each other’s energy both singing their hearts out united in the sweet symphonies, especially to some of their most popular songs, ‘Flame’, ‘She Said’ and ‘Explore’, each causing a mosh pit – bodies flung everywhere.

However, some of their new tracks also received a very positive reaction from the adoring fans, which is from the new album released last month Ulfilas Alphabet. The song ‘Greenhands’ could not be more Bowie if they tried. Oscar’s vocals not only match the late star’s in greatness but sound and pitch, too, with a wild persona to match. Another fantastic new track which was particularly enjoyed by the crowd was ‘Rainbow Body’. Dom Cordell’s bass drove the whole song alongside Ally Baty’s groovy guitar riffs and the crashing of Hadyn Evans’ drums centred around the deep vocals from the front man Oscar Pollock.

Bringing the show to a close was one of the first singles to be released from their latest album, One Last Night on This Earth. An upbeat crowdpleaser with obscure lyrics “Can you teach me how the heart works? And the essence of your human quirks?” – a quite frankly perfect song to finish off an astounding night hosted by the boys from Reading.

If this really was the last night on this earth, Sundara made sure we went out with a phenomenal bang.

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