Single review: The Great Leslie’s Feel Alive

The Great Leslie is a metaphysical, Bond-like, Spartacus-esque being, made up of Ollie Trevers on Vocals and Rhythm Guitar, Ryan Lavender on Drums, Alfie Pawsey on Bass, and professional German, Freddie Miles on Lead Guitar.

Of the single, Ollie says “‘Feel Alive’ is about when you’re completely enamoured with someone and the mental repercussions of that infatuation. It focuses on the carnal and physical aspects of becoming addicted to another person, viewing it as severely as any other addiction by exclaiming that without that person, you can’t survive.”

‘Feel Alive’, has seen the band go back to the heavier and punchier end of their sonic spectrum, making sure that they hit you hard within the first few seconds of hitting play.

The cymbals are tickled creating a rattle that ripples around the riff breaking through. The riff is electric and it encourages every other instrument to pile into this sound too.

We are then joined by some extremely powerful vocals from Ollie with lyrics that undoubtedly rhyme, flow and flick off the tongue “My new affliction / Is addiction / This depiction just needs her / Not anyone else.”

The Great Leslie

This song really shows exactly what The Great Leslie have to offer; a carefully crafted instrumental which suits and supports the vocals.

The band mirror the narrative of the lyrics through the way they play their instruments. There is a desperation created in the way they put everything into creating this heavy, craving sound.

With the chorus, this is reflected again through the relentless lyrics and the dominant vocals singing them “You are the one to slick my lust / You’re never too much / You are enough, give me your love / Give me your touch.”

As we’re thrown into a breakdown of the instruments, things turn heavier and the pace changes.

“I feel alive when you’re by my side / But when you’re gone I can’t survive / I feel alive when you’re by my side / Without you I can’t survive.”

Can the band not take it any longer? Has this Cruella they’ve been yearning for finally defeated them?

And then, bam. Launched back into the final chorus.

The Great Leslie never falter even til the last minute as we exit this song with everything still crashing down.

Another great song from a great band!

“A powerful rock n roll feel that creates such a big atmospheric vibe that has you wanting to dance to the beat.” – Music Of The Future

* Feel Alive is released this Friday 3 June

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