REVIEW: Vuromantics – Vultures

Within a musical community as diverse and accomplished as the one that Sheffield is fortunate enough to call its own, you must offer something remarkable to leave a lasting impression on a scene jam-packed with more than enough talent to steal your thunder, should you so much as dare to slink along the precipice of mediocrity. Not least when your new band is a highly-anticipated hybrid of alumni from two of the city’s most popular acts in recent years – Stop Drop Robot and Monoking. But with Vultures, the first single taken from Vuromantic’s upcoming debut EP – Waiting On A Storm – this captivating ‘dark pop’ outfit have announced themselves as 2017’s maiden auditory delight from the land of steel.

Featuring the likes of Ben Rooker (Monoking) and ex and ex-Stop Drop Robot supremo Sam Christie, it’s safe to say you’re in good hands if shimmering synth textures and giant choruses are your bag. Clocking in at just under three minutes, Vultures is a short, but certainly very sweet introduction to Vuromantics. The band clearly derive inspiration from 80’s Sheffield heavyweights Pulp and The Human League, but their channelling of such genre trademarks is delivered in a way that never threatens to plummet towards pastiche territory.

Recorded at Junior Park Studios in Sheffield, Vultures embodies the universal themes of dispiriting adolescence and establishment authoritarianism; dark, despondent overtones that are presented via a trancelike combination of pensive vocals, propelling rhythms and smatterings of charming piano. The single’s accompanying music video – a painstakingly vibrant, animated clip constructed by the Leeds based Tommings & Sean Pearce – inhibits the themes and shadowy aesthetic subtleties apparent throughout Vultures.

The band expect to release Waiting On A Storm in the coming months, while a March UK tour will be announced imminently. Picking up from where Stop Drop Robot and Monoking left off, the alluring enigma of Vuromantics looks set to propel these men through both the local and regional ranks in no time. And with a slice of dark pop goodness as assured as Vultures, the debut EP can’t come quick enough.

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