Review: Vuromantics – In The Night EP

In a city that celebrates a large amount of guitar bands at its fore, one might imagine it’d be difficult to forge your own path in its thriving music scene. But one band certainly putting their own spin on things are Vuromantics. Their latest EP is nothing short of catchy, immersive and wholly refreshing.

The opening track, ‘In The Night’, greets the listener with 80s-inspired rhythms and almost Jamiroquai-esque party grooves, while Christie’s deep vocals provide an unmistakable northern feel to the track. Next up is the hypnotising ‘Questions’, which sees bright synths dancing alongside more captivating instrumentation.

‘Wave’ brings us to the halfway point, providing something of a psychedelic interlude before those low vocals arrive again – “She brings drama, it’s like a disease” – at the beginning of the beguiling ‘Not Over You’. Drawing proceeding to a close is ‘Glory’, which tunes back into the electronic, dark pop vibes of earlier tracks as the glorious synth once again dances around the track.

There’s no loose thread in this EP, and after condensing a catalogue of twenty songs down to five it’s obvious there’s plenty more to come. Safe to say, my ears are eagerly waiting.

3/5 LC

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