The Clause

Review: The Clause @ Network

Words: Laura Mills
Photo: Tom Sunderland

Last time I had the pleasure of watching The Clause play in Sheffield, they informed me that Sheffield might not be a location on their next tour. That’s why when I found out they were going to be playing in Sheffield this week, I was absolutely ecstatic. And they didn’t disappoint.

Birmingham’s rising stars The Clause kicked off show number one of the tour down at Network on Tuesday night. The four-piece kicked off their set with the yet to be released, Electric. What an opener! The track kicks off with an array of guitar riffs intertwining around one another, the sound coming from the instruments is one that seems directionless but supported by Pearce’s vocals singing ‘Electric’ in such controlled manner guides us into a section of groovy guitars, a funky beat from the drums with the band members shimmying their shoulders to the chic sound they’re creating. A sublime, powerful opening track and a good old boogie on a Tuesday!

A few tracks later, hot on its heels, Hate The Player. Through each note there was this underlying tone of adolescent cheekiness paired along with a rumbling bass and psychedelic sound racing around the room. Something about this one felt experimental but in such raw, integral way like the boys tried to push something with this song and it absolutely paid off. A track, from start to finish, filled to the brim with power and energy pushing through via the underrated drums.

The Clause’s latest single Cruella was welcomed so warmly by the Sheffield crowd. Slightly different to their sleek style, this track shows how heavy The Clause can go and you can hear that classic rocky, raw sound running through the entire track. Such an interesting song that really shows this band are willing to experiment and try anything to find their perfect sound. Coursing through this track is forceful bass rumbling into trouble. Here is the Network stage in front of me and there is an unsigned band but every inch of me knows I’m listening to the next big stars.

Finally, No baseline just straight techno, next up In My Element. Definitely the band’s signature and most successful track to date. The crowd’s best reaction was to this performance and the rapport was built by Pearce and fans singing in harmony together. The whole crowd jumping and dancing, if you managed to keep hold of your pint after this one, congrats.

A sleek, stylish and scintillating show throughout.

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