Review: Reverend and the Makers @ O2 Academy

There’s nothing like a home town gig, and it’s clear that Reverend and the Makers’ return to the O2 Academy Sheffield was highly anticipated by many in the Rev Army.

After the release of their sixth album, Death of a King, Reverend and the Makers know how to summon a crowd to their loud, electric shows and this gig was no exception. Kicking the night off was Brighton based band Will and the People. Opening with a vocal harmony style number they soon grooved their way through a set of upbeat, catchy songs.

Is was clear that the Sheffield spirit was high throughout the night as the crowd sang along to ‘Don’t You Want Me’ by The Human League before reverting back to chanting the infamous ‘Silence is Talking’ riff at every opportunity. Just before Reverend and the Makers made their way to the stage there was just enough time for JB Barrington to deliver some witty poems about mums, greed and wearing sunglasses indoors.

With the noise and impatience building, Reverend and the Makers took to the stage and jumped straight into the first song, leaving the loyal fans to respond with a mountain of energy. A few songs in The Reverend declared: “this one’s for the nutters over there”, pointing to the middle of the room where the crowd wouldn’t stand still, and as ‘Shine’ began it only spurred the Rev Army on more.

There was barely any stopping for the band throughout a jam-packed setlist. From ‘Black Widow’ to ‘Makin’ Babies’ to ‘Heavyweight Champion of the World’, it’s safe to say that all the favourites were played. They did take the time, however, for guitarist and co-songwriter Ed Cosens to take the lead and deliver a brill performance of ‘Auld Reekie Blues’. A well-received acoustic interlude soon followed as the band left the stage and Joe Carnall sang ‘Juliet Knows’, giving everyone in the room a moment to catch their breath before the party continued.

“There’s a special atmosphere in ‘ere tonight” proclaimed McClure throughout the night – and he wasn’t wrong. Each song was welcomed with wild cheers and on The Reverend’s command everyone was singing, dancing and enjoying the party. No Makers show would be complete without ‘Silence is Talking’, and in true Reverend style, the crowd continued chanting long after the gig had ended. There was definitely an electric atmosphere at the O2 on friday night, and there’s no denying that Reverend and the Makers, once again, delivered an unforgettable performance.


Words by Laura Copestake

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