Review: Mickey Nomimono @ Yellow Arch

Words: Iago Castro Charlón

It started as any other cold February night. Just before leaving my home, I grabbed my Minolta, hoping to shoot some good snaps. It’s almost March, and this British winter seems to be an especially long one, so my mindset while walking to the gig was focused on finding something warm my night a little bit. I was sure I would find it inside at Yellow Arch Studios for Mickey Nomimono’s headline gig featuring some talented Steel City support.

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Photo: Benji Wilson (@jamburrito1)

Expectations were high, and the frosty evening didn’t stop me from enjoying a cold lager with my mate. It was during the first sip of the second Moretti that the first notes of live performance invaded the room: aggressive, rebellious melodies. The first band to take action was Juke, offering up a solid punk show, more than enough to increase the temperature a couple of degrees. The energy was infectious and the foundations for an exciting night of live music were laid.

Next up was Rosey PM, who rapidly enchanted the crowd with a selection of melodic, easygoing tunes. Before we had time to refill our glasses, the third act of the night arrived: violent drumming spread around the room – the signature calling card of lively duo Jeuce. Fast-paced garage punk was the perfect way to get everybody hyped up before the arrival of the main man.

Mickey Nomimono stormed onstage like a hurricane of pent-up energy, with the potency increasing with each song. The crowd got on the same page as him from the start and the moshpits started to be routine towards the end of the show. I found this occasion perfect to experiment with my camera, throwing myself in the middle of the pushes and the sweat, aiming to get some snapshots of the passionate scenes. I can’t wait to develop my film roll.

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Photo: Benji Wilson (@jamburrito1)

There was a lot of love in the room. Mickey’s father (I’m ashamed to say I forgot his name with so much going on) approached me, curious about the camera, and, full of pride, shouted, “That’s my son!” I took a picture of him in front of the full crowd, and I’m sure it’s a memory he’ll keep for a long time. We even took one together, to remember the happy occasion.

On my way home, I couldn’t stop thinking about the effort everybody put together to come up with such an immense show. Another cold night. Another Friday eve in Sheffield. You gotta love this city, especially when it comes to its live music offering and dedicated venues like Yellow Arch.

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