Haim – Something to Tell You

Aaron Jackson’s gives his verdict on slick pop trio Haim’s newest album. 

Given the plurality of music that has poured out of it, it is ridiculous to talk about a ‘California sound’. Listening to Haim’s latest, however, it’s hard not to reach for the term. This is pop as California has always done it: super-slick production; smart arrangements; top-notch musicianship; and impeccable vocals. If that doesn’t sound particularly exciting to those who like it rough and ready, well, draw a line from the Beach Boys to now and California has produced at least one gem of this water every decade since. If the opening salvo of ‘Want You Back, Nothing’s Wrong’, or ‘Ready For You’ popped out of your speakers at any point this summer they wouldn’t seem out of place. These ears don’t hear the mid-70s soft-rock Fleetwood Mac tag Haim have attracted since day one. Mac always slipped the knife in even in their most sugary confections. This is Wilson Phillips without the 80s cannon for a snare drum and more introspective knowingness meeting a modern Nashville songwriting sensibility. A magpie album tooled for a mainstream land grab, yes, some of the early distinction has gone, but they can be forgiven for that.

Something to Tell You is released July 7th. 

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