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Review: Estrons @ The Harley

As well as having the best name in rock ‘n’ roll right now, Tali Källström – the pink-haired, PVC-trousered whirlwind at the heart of Cardiff four-piece Estrons – might also have the best anecdotes.

One song tonight, she has previously said, was written in a police cell after an especially exuberant night out (that’s ‘Drop’), while another, ‘I’m Not Your Girl’ – less a piece of music, more a car crash of testosterone and teenage lust – recalls assorted conquests and meaningless shags. “You were so middle class you could not do me right,” she spits during one verse.

“When my life’s going alright,” Tali concluded once, “the songs are rubbish.”

Tonight, the songs are ace.

Febrile, furious and filthy, they ricochet around The Harley like punk ping pong balls. ‘Make A Man’ is especially instant and enticing.

“A guy at our American shows said: ‘I feel like I’m being punched in the face by music,’” is another one of Tali’s anecdotes.

Tonight, it’s easy to see why.


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