Review: Dutch Uncles – Big Balloon

Dutch Uncles are fast becoming a phenomenon. Well, OK, it’s taken eight years – but who’s counting? Releasing an album every two years, and this is their fifth, they have become the most consistently listened to band in my (admittedly small) music world. If they’d been around in the 70s they’d have toured with Kate Bush. The 80s? Talking Heads. 90s? David Bowie.

They’ve somehow downloaded all that art-pop influence from your Dad’s vinyl collection, infused it with bit of the Manchester alternative rock scene, and made what is quite possibly their best album yet. They know how to push the envelope just enough to keep their fans on board and still make new and interesting music. ‘Streetlight’ is currently the track that has me selecting repeat (that’s picking up the needle and moving it back, Dad). String section on point, swirling Steve Reich-style keyboards playing. It’s perfect. They’re playing the Leadmill in March. See you there.



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