REVIEW: BAD LUV @ Café Totem

Words: Philippa Revitt
Pic: Gavin Ogden 

Alt-rock band Bad Luv had their first headline gig at Café Totem this weekend, and as if that wasn’t already something for the Barnsley foursome to be excited about, the show was a complete sell-out.

Their sound is similar to Foals and Queens of the Stone Age; you can already see these guys playing bigger venues pretty soon with their massive tracks. It was pretty refreshing to hear someone that sounds like they’re from your area without the instant comparison to the Arctic Monkeys. The group seems to have already distinguished themselves from other local bands, while still retaining that home charm.

There are so many reasons to enjoy this band: they are confident and slightly chaotic with a stage presence that is natural, yet captivating. Adam, Luke, Brendan and Jake act like they are each other’s biggest fans, and that chemistry really shone through in their interactions with each other throughout the gig.

To close the show, the crowd were handed party poppers to celebrate the last song of the set, and branded balloons were thrown around throughout the newly-released EP Desire by Design. While they still have work to do, Bad Luv are on track to becoming that new band that you’re happy to have come up on shuffle.

You can stream the new EP on Spotify now.

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