Review: APRE @ Record Junkee

Record Junkee opened its arms to the London lads APRE last Wednesday evening, and it was a rollercoaster of emotions and diverse rhythms from start to finish.

APRE opened their Sheffield set with a cool, slick opener which smoothly transitioned into the amazing ‘Go Somewhere’. It was obvious from the band members expressions that the stylish sound they were creating was coursing through their veins feeling each and every beat. The crowd’s heads were bobbing and the warm lighting created an almost soothing mood.

From this, the band launched into one of their most popular tracks ‘All Yours’. A track that simply feels like you’re in a dream. The light, soft melodies flowing through it are not only sensational but so unique; I don’t believe there’s many others in the industry creating something like this. The whole performance of this track was a success from start to finish. It was so groovy and the crowd felt that too, singing along with the powerful vocals and dancing to this impeccable track.

As each track went on, the crowd’s reaction and rapport with the band got increasingly stronger. APRE also made sure they kept building that connection with the crowd showing their comical side in between songs, especially when introducing ‘Gap Year 2008’ singer Charlie told the crowd “This song is about a guy who I knew who went on a gap year and came back an arsehole” – evoking a great reaction of laughter and smiles.

One of their tunes I found very interesting during the show was ‘5 to 5’. The instrumental is so diverse with these forceful guitar riffs shining through, also containing a chanting chorus with inspiring and relevant lyrics. Each of their fans as they sung the track back to the band, “We live our life” belting out over and over, seemed to feel these lyrics right in their hearts and souls showing exactly why bands like these and music is so important.

Nowadays, many upcoming bands seem to have all the makings of something great but can sometimes lack stage presence. In this department APRE are elite, and throughout the show everything just worked together so well; they were so composed, it was almost like watching a music video right in front of your eyes.

Down at Record Junkee, every single member of that crowd got to see something so special and something they can look back on with pride because we all saw the start of a band that are going to be massive in the very near future.

Good luck APRE, you deserve it all!

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