Review: All Is Lost (soundtrack by Animat)

The film All Is Lost, is a 2013 survival drama, which won multiple film awards but is most remarkable for having only one cast member. Robert Redford stars as a man shipwrecked in his disabled yacht, and tells the epic story of his battle to survive.

This claustrophobic and compelling drama is ideally suited to having additional layers of sound added. Step forward Sheffield’s very own masters of the ambient dubstep soundscapes, Animat.

Mark Daly and Michael Harding have already toured performing alongside screenings of this film, and are now releasing their specially composed music. It’s possibly their most accessible and beautiful stand alone soundtrack, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing how it fits with the film, which I have already seen, but without their input. The titles on the album may well refer to parts of the film, but I  won’t be sure until I’ve been to the screenings, but a few of them stand out for me.

Neptune’s Horses is a lovely slow building track and is a rhythmic delight, the track Sea State is also one I’ve played a good few times, with it’s driving pace being accompanied by some very subtle and fascinating instrumental changes as the tune progresses. All told, it’s a wonderful trip through the creative minds of Animat, and like any good soundtrack, has a life beyond its silver screen inspiration.

And as a bonus, there’s a couple of excellent non film tracks added on the album for good measure. Sheffield continues to shine in the world of electronic music.

All Is Lost will be shown along with the Animat performed soundtrack at Regather, on 18 October. Grab your tickets here.

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