PREMIERE: Brooklin – ‘Gravity’

Sheff’s-own funk/jazz/soul/rock & roll hybrid Brooklin are set to release week – and we’re treating you lot to an exclusive listen! 

Their immersive six-minute whopper ‘Gravity’ is being shipped via ModernSky UK, touted as an adventure into the minds of great musicians from times gone by.

Lead singer, Jamie Heawood, told Exposed: “After we’d finished Gravity, there was a quote in a book I was reading that said ‘every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world’; something in that resonated with me and more or less sums up the concept of the song.”

The track will be able to download across all major platforms from March 16th. And if your fancy has well and truly just been tickled, the band will be playing Picture House Social on the March 31st alongside Wulfman Fury. Tickets are available here.


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