PINK CIGS: “Picture the toilet bowl after Sabbath, Deep Purple and James Gang went for a big stinking curry at Balti King… That’s us!”

If dirty stinking rock riffs, impromptu moshpits and Somerset cider are your sort of bag, Sheff four-piece PINK CIGS could well be your next favourite live act. We checked in with the Ciggies ahead of the carnage.

What’s the PINK CIGS story to date? Give us the full shebang.
Sheffield supergroup PINK CIGS are a bubble and squeak of dry heaves, skip lickers, dead English gentlemen and Halcyon Days fuelled by all things alcoholic and rock n roll. We developed over time to brew our 70s hard rock sound. Last year, we brought out our debut EP which was featured in Classic Rock magazine’s compilation of the best new bands on the planet. The EP was also featured on a live session for BBC Introducing’s Februheavy month. Currently, we are getting ready for Tramlines, as well as other gigs throughout the country. At the backend of October, we are heading out to tour Europe.

How have you been prepping for the Fringe at Tramlines? Press-ups? Plenty of fluids? Practising your instruments perhaps?
What do you mean prepare for Woodstock – sorry, Tramlines – we were born ready!

For those out there, perhaps attending their first Fringe at Tramlines, who are unaware of what you guys are all about, how would you neatly and succinctly sum up the PINK CIGS shtick?
Picture the toilet bowl after Sabbath, Deep Purple and James Gang went for a big stinking curry at Balti King… That’s us!

Best Tramlines memories?
For us, it’s probably the gig we played at Brewdog last year. We headlined the Sunday and blew the roof off. Everyone had a banger – there was beer everywhere and people dancing on the tables.

Worst Tramlines memories?
All the previous tramlines that PINK CIGS were never on!

We hear on the grapevine that there’s some new music on the way. Tell us more…
We recorded our debut EP with James Atkinson at Station Studios in Leeds. Over the past year, we have been recording our follow up to this in our own DIY studio (Harvest Studios) which we’ve built down at Kelham Island to take our time and to develop the sound of the band.

If you could invite one person to a PINK CIGS gig, someone who needs some PINK CIGS action in their life, who would it be and why?
We’ve been inviting the CEO of Thatchers Cider down to all of our shows since we started gigging but to no avail. So if you like a can of Thatchers and hard rock, then come on down!

Owt else to add?
Massive cheers to everyone who has supported us and helped us along the way including: Family Planning, Blind Haze, Blue Jinns, Tufty, Atko, Heavy Sentence, Delirium (F.U.S), Joanne, Andy Smith, Bry & Marc, The Friendship, Blue, Beer House, Stoney, Bruce, The Black Horse, Uncle ‘Philthy’ Phil’s Lay-Z-Spa and Thatchers Cider.

You can catch PINK CIGS at The Old House on Saturday 20 July and Brewdog on Sunday 21 July

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