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PerfectParachutePicture – Outline

The raw intensity of hard rock and ear-splitting vocals has never really been my cup of tea, but Perfectparachutepicture manage to tread the fine line between engaging rock and unrelenting clatter. The Sheffield-based noise rock duo, comprising of Edward James and Kyle Morton, have released a string of singles in recent years and their latest offering ‘Outline’ carries on their discography’s level of quality.

The single features great vocal work, avoiding the temptation to rival the backing instruments too much, instead complementing the on-point drums and electric guitar smoothly. Over the course of the track, the rhythm stomps its way along with a mix of heavy and slightly softer vocals; dashed with interludes of driving instrumentals, adding a nice pace and variation to proceedings.

Fortunately, the single’s shorter duration helps to stop its lyrics becoming too repetitive though. Considering the duo’s growing library of work, it’s hardly a mark on them as artists – I expect there will be plenty more of the same to come.

7/10 AM


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