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Music Review: Wolf Alice’s New EP ‘Blue Lullaby’

Words: Laura Mills 

Wolf Alice are set to release ‘Blue Lullaby’ on 24/06 – lullaby versions of selected songs from their UK #1 and Mercury Prize nominated third album Blue Weekend.

Talking about the EP, Ellie Rowsell says: “Blue Lullaby came about because we wanted to strip down some of our more emotional songs from Blue Weekend and see if they hit any differently. We also had a nice moment during the Blue Weekend campaign singing one of our songs with a choir and we wanted to experience that again with a few other songs, especially as there are a lot of harmonies and a lot of vocal layering on Blue Weekend. Hearing multiple voices singing together is an unparalleled feeling for me, so I’m happy we got to record this experience and I hope people enjoy it”.

Leeds Fest

The EP’s opener -‘Lipstick On The Glass,’ transforms us to another dimension. Ellie’s silky soprano vocals at the forefront, with layer upon layer of that voice becoming ever-so increasingly more pleasurable. The guitar is conflicting – some sections release a softer sound to that of a harp – its classy, it’s cool. But the guitar also sounds tense and creates the same emotions felt in the original recording of this track, however, sounding much darker and mysterious.

‘How Can I Make It OK?’ feels much sweeter stripped back. The original is big and bold but this sweet and delicious. It feels more like a sing along played like this. Ellie’s vocals are strong as ever and the instrumental is solid and supporting. It just works alright!

Now I really think someone should have prepared me for ‘No Hard Feelings’ – what the f**k. The synthesiser behind creates a supporting spotlight around Ellie’s vocals. This track is almost speaking directly into my soul. It is genuinely beautiful and if it were an object, it would be on display for everyone to marvel at. ‘The threads that kept us together / Were already wearing thin / Would we ever have tied the knot? / Well, how long is a piece of string?’ sounds like complete heaven in this stripped back version.

‘Feeling Myself’ opens with a solid formation of strumming strings – the chords are carefully crafted. It is so clear how amazing this one would sound, performed like this, live.

(Photo: Sahar Ghadirian)

‘The Last Man on Earth’ is completely and utterly sensational. I’m not sure I’ve actually heard anything like it. It’s raw, it’s open, it’s so brutally honest. Play it at my wedding, play it at my funeral. God, just f**king play it.

Every single thing Wolf Alice produce feels so thought out, so carefully crafted; it is sheer perfection. This EP is exactly that too.


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