Macka B at Yellow Arch: More than just “that cucumber guy”

Yellow Arch’s 20th birthday saw the reggae legend set the place ablaze.

Reggae OG turned viral sensation Macka B is headlining tonight’s soiree and I will admit, after first seeing the poster I thought tonight would either be brilliant or a case of when memes go too far.

However, as soon as Macka takes to the stage inside the packed main room, all doubts about this being a novelty act are rapidly squashed. Instead of a room of snarky students drunkenly demanding that cucumber song, the vibe in Sheff tonight is receptive and pure. Serious festival vibes.

Macka B, backed by his highly-skilled Roots Ragga Band, takes us through his impressive back-catalogue of tracks including ‘One for Jah’ and ‘Roots Ragga’, while throwing in a few classic covers of Bob Marley and Max Romero’s ‘Lucifer’ for good measure. He isn’t afraid of including his viral brand of vegetable-based rap, and later in the set he finally drops the aforementioned ‘Cucumber Song’ – much to the crowd’s delight.

The 56-year-old Rastafari bring a solid message with him too – one of unity, education and good times. He makes his stage show look easy, constantly keeping the crowd moving and the tunes flowing. As a patron of the Vegan Society, tonight sees roots music, the vegan movement and a legendary Sheffield venue all come together to create a wonderful atmosphere – highlighting how easy it can be come together and make a change.

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