Live Review: Fat White Family @ Leadmill

The hedonistic Peckham punks sell out The Leadmill to dispense their bizarre blend of Psychedelic Americana Disco Art Rock.

Opening the show with the foreboding new album track “When I Leave”, drenched in reverby slide guitar and 90s video game drum-machines, Fat White Family set a curiously serene tone, wilfully misdirecting those of us expecting chaos from the start. It’s only when debut album track “I Am Mark E. Smith” arrives afterwards, that the crowd rise up in excitement.

Sporting an ‘anti-haircut’ of shaved head plus ponytail, lead singer Lias is soon wading into the crowd like a messianic cult leader while the people of Sheffield clamour to slap his shiny new head and chant back the brilliantly bizarre lyrics that Fat Whites deliver so well, such as “I grew up in primordial soup… there was very little to do” or more simply “Bomb Disneyland!”

Their evolving live style ties in nicely with newly released album Serf’s Up – their most complex and musically advanced work yet. Sure it’s less “raw” and “freaky” but the tunes are bigger and better produced, yet they still have that bonkers Fat White charm. New singles “Feet” and “Tastes Good With The Money” went down just as well live as old favourites; “Cream of The Young” and “Is It Raining In Your Mouth”.

It’s clear their brief relocation to Attercliffe has allowed them to hide away, delve deep and produce a genre fusing, eclectic album that represents them at their best, whilst their live show hints they’re still more than ready to unleash that madness hidden up their skinny sleeves.


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