Listen Up! Matic Mouth’s Sheffield Playlist

Matic rounds up some of the biggest tracks coming out of the Sheff scene today.

Track by track

Better Place
Deep Green
A homage to the city of Sheffield. You may have seen Deep Green smashing his Fire In The Booth freestyle on Charlie Sloth’s Radio 1Xtra show. On this track Green vividly paints a picture of a better place to be alive in, combined with a thoughtful yearning to live better and longer.

Otis Mensah
An honest, open-hearted pledge over a floaty guitar sample and lazy drums. On a side note, be sure to hunt down his ‘Computers Outside’ EP.

Tellin Em
Loose biographical barring from Coco describing his journey of becoming an MC. Taken from his new EP ‘No Rehearsal’ and produced by Manakin, be sure to check out the video on YouTube too.
@TheCocoUK / @MNKN_1st

Young Kings
Ethan Ryan (Producer) Ft. Kase & Samuel Lox
A track off the ‘Mood Swings’ EP, which was entirely produced by Ethan Ryan. With Kase on the vocal side of things, the producer crafts the perfect concoction of sounds for reminiscent and retrospective street stories. Samuel Lox on the hook comes through to round it off nicely.
@EthanRYanUK / @KaseTheStranger

After raising his own bar with the full-length mixtape ‘21:00’, LDizz has returned with a line of sure-fire singles. The latest is a tale of intoxication over an Ethan Ryan production, with the promising young artist describing wavey interactions with a woman.
Twitter: @LDizzUK

The first single from Smiley’s newly-released EP ‘Netflix & Smil’. Inspired by the early sounds of grime, Smiley rings off over an Andy Nicholson banger. A lyrical warning for all MCs that this guy is not here to play games.
@SmileySFD / @AndyNicholson_

Milks x Palizé (Producer)
Known for being a lyrical beast and wordsmith, Milks is back with ‘Concoction’. Palizé puts together a plate of hip-hop caviar for Milks to do what he does best. By weaving in and out a world of words beginning with Con-, he’s able to keep up some incredible form from beginning to end. Search for his and Palize’s latest collaborative mixtape ‘Late Nights & Lay Ins’ afterwards.
@MilksMusic / @PalizeMusic

Where I’m From
K Dot & Milks
Another homage to the hometown. K Dot and fellow ScumFam member Milks fly the flag high for the city while at the same time detailing the perils that come with an MC on the grind, trying to keep heads above water and in the game.

Jail Love
On another Palizé production it’s ScumFam soldier AK with ‘Jail Love’. A vivid story between two people trying to navigate their way through life, with one half of the equation being locked behind bars, it’s a detailed account that unfortunately way too many people are facing these days.

The Game
K Cotterell Ft. K Dot
In the name of GMF Music, K Cotterell continues to build and represent his brand by consistently dropping high quality music and videos. ‘The Game’ is a journey into the world of GMF.

Franz Von Ft. Steve Edwards
After previously performing and recording with KOG & The Zongo Brigade, Franz Von breaks off to do the solo thing in the form of his EP ‘Escapism’. This track shows Franz’s state of mind as he walks the tightrope of sanity and mental breakdown. Accompanied by Steve Edwards, ‘Falling’ is Franz Von at his best.

A Mutual Feeling
Jackie Moonbather
Over a subtle, funky groove Jackie Moonbather positively opens his heart up to a companion about where he’s coming from.

Katie Pham & The Moonbathers
A sultry guitar riff, bass and a funky beat. Katie Pham gently courts the track, questioning all things as she tries to navigate through life as a soul-searching wanderer.

Look For Me
Nashe XX
Forever on form and showing growth, Nashe XX’s latest offering is a solid track that provides the perfect companion for his soft and smooth vocals.

Kannan x Medley
Over a dancehall-soca inspired beat, Kannan & Medley combine to create a guaranteed club hit for the ladies.
@kannanrvltn @MedleyArtist

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