KRS-ONE @ Plug

The ‘Blastmaster’, KRS-ONE, touched down in Sheffield on Thursday for the first time in his career spanning well over 30 years. This eagerly-awaited show for hip-hop fans was no disappointment, as KRS-ONE showed why he is seen by some as the most pioneering MC in the genre’s history.

The energy brought to the stage was immense from the moment he graced it, his distinctive booming voice taking over the room as he spat thought-provoking rhymes over the heaviest boom-bap beats. Not content with playing his classics, of which there are many, KRS spent half of the night freestyling staight from the top of the dome; this being an impressive feat with content that was politically-charged, complex and always profound.

Of course, his back-catalogue still took centre stage and those with fond memories of the 90s scene were having a field day when he recited classics ‘MC’s Act Like They Don’t Know’, ‘Step into a World’ and ‘A Friend’. With the obvious biggest reaction for ‘Sound of Da Police’. It was a particularly special night for KRS as his new album The World is Mind came out that same day and he duly entertained the crowd with some cuts from his new LP.

It was not all music, though, as the iconic rapper took time to educate the audience on the true meanings of hip-hop, peace, unity and having fun. In fact, the night itself served as a great reminder that real rap music is not all about money and sex.

Words: Tyrone Wilson

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