Iron Maiden release exclusive Sheffield Arena show artwork

It’s well-known among Iron Maiden’s legion of fans that the band’s vocalist, Bruce Dickinson spent the early years of his life in Sheffield and has close ties with the city. For Maiden’s upcoming ‘The Book Of Souls’ UK Tour show at Sheffield Arena on May 10th a very special artwork has been commissioned to celebrate this fact.

The art features their infamous mascot Eddie making his mark on the Arena and includes references to Sheffield’s movie heritage in the form of ‘The Full Monty’ and ‘Brassed Off’. It was created by longstanding Maiden artist Herve Monjeaud who over the years has created unique designs for Maiden events right around the globe, from Australia to Brazil, Scandinavia and now Sheffield!

“For a band that predominantly hail from London,” explains co-Manager, Dave Shack, (a Yorkshireman and former YP Student journalist) “coming up with this art for our fans in the city of steel was a nod to the support we have all around the country for this first full UK tour since 2011 and a way of recognising Bruce as someone shaped by his formative years in the city.”

Iron Maiden return to Sheffield Arena on the 10th of May. For tickets click here.

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