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The Magic Gang: “Sheffield is one of our favourite places to play”

The Magic Gang are one of the UK’s most promising and talked-about bands at the minute, and after releasing a boat-load of songs already, they’re gearing up to release their highly anticipated debut album.

We had a chat with bassist Angus Taylor about their album and their instant sell-out show at the Picture House Social Club in February.

Hey Angus, how’s life?
Hey, it’s going ok thanks. Feels like the quiet before the inevitable storm that 2018 will be for us. Just taking some time out to do some writing and I’ve finally got around to listening to every LP I’ve ever bought which I’m very much enjoying.

Oh sick, what’s been your favourite record so far?
I think my trophy piece is Ravi Shankar’s – Shankar family & friends which was produced by George Harrison. It has one western-style pop song in it called ‘I am missing you’ and the rest of it is written for a ballet and its really beautiful Indian orchestral sort of stuff. For most played it would have to be Diana Ross & The Temptations though. Best version of ‘ain’t no mountain high enough’ in my opinion.

So, how’s the album recording going?
C’est fini! It was a real fun ride, we did it in two 10-day sessions in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside. It was great having the freedom to record until the early hours of the morning and wake up whenever we wanted. It was almost like going to a spa or something.

Have you done anything crazy for it?
Hmm… I would say that there are definitely songs on the album that people wouldn’t expect us to be putting out. Some lovely piano ballads on there for example, I think it’s a very eclectic record and I hope fans and non-fans will be pleasantly surprised by the broadness of the record.

Your show at the Picture House sold out almost instantly, are you looking forward to coming back to the steel city?
Yes!! Sheffield is one of our favourite places to play and one of our favourite places to go out. We always go to that pub, I think it’s called The Washington. Great boozer that.

3 EPs and dozens of singles later, you’re finally doing the full-length, are you feeling any debut album pressure?
Yeah of course we are. We signed to Warner Brothers UK which has been amazing so far. They’ve given us the backing to imagine all our creative endeavours, I just hope we can give something back to them in the way of some decent record sales! It’s a funny thing really, there’s pressure but I’m quietly confident we’ll do just fine.

Finally, if I gave you a fiver, what are you getting from the service station?
I’m getting myself an orange Lucozade sport, if there’s a Marcs and Spencers I’m getting a fruit salad and some Yeo valley yoghurt and mixing that shit up. Guessing I’ll only have £2 left after that so maybe I’ll go and get a decent scratch card and make some more money, that’s what it’s all about right?

The Magic Gang play the Picture House Social Club on the 3rd of February            



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