Interview: Marianas Trench

Marianas Trench might be certified multi-platinum back home in Canada, but they’re yet to blast into the music scene this side of the pond. Things could be changing though, with the band embarking on another 17-date European tour, stopping off at O2 Academy Sheffield on May 5. In the middle of writing a new album, drummer Ian Casselman took some time out to have a quick chat with Alex Harban.

So you’ve been around for quite a while, since 2001 actually. What’s your secret to such longevity?
I guess having as much fun as you can and learning to get along as best you can. Everybody has their stuff and everyone needs their space from time to time so you do your best to not push each other’s buttons. We’re basically family, we’re all like brothers so we’re going to have disagreements but at the end of the day we always get along.

Now, you’re a multi-platinum winning band who is yet to really break it over here. For those in Sheffield who aren’t aware of you guys, how would you describe your music?
A lot of people have said that we’re sort of like a modern day pop rock version of Queen. Those guys are true legends and to even be considered in the same breath as them is an honour.

This is your second time touring in the UK in two years. What brings you back so soon?
Well we never actually managed to finish the last tour because Josh got laryngitis towards the end so we needed to play the makeup shows that we missed. We had such an amazing time in the UK that we just had to come back and play there again!

All the people we met were so nice and friendly. We found it to be a very cultured place, a refreshing experience for us all.

Your last album came out back in October 2015. Can we expect anything else soon?
We’re actually in the writing phase right now, so hopefully we’ll be releasing a new album in the next year!

What’s the music scene like in Canada at the moment?
Pretty decent actually! We live in Vancouver which is a major city so we get most of the big acts coming through. There are a few good-sized festivals as well that bring acts from all over the world.

Tell us a bit about your musical upbringing – when did you first fall in love with music?
All four of us were actually involved in music from quite a young age. I started drums at around 8 and I know Josh (lead singer) started singing practically since he could walk. He comes from an extremely musical background; we all kind of do.

If you could pick one person to attend a Mariana’s Trench gig, somebody that needs a bit of your guys in their lives, who would it be?
I’d take Kim Jong-un on that one. That guy could use some love.

Pick one musician, dead or alive, who you wish you could collaborate with?
Freddie Mercury, he was the man.

Name one movie or TV show that Marianas Trench should have done the soundtrack for?
I’m going to go with the Netflix series Stranger Things. I think we could come up with some pretty cool acapella stuff that could create an eerie mood.

Like what you hear? Marianas Trench play Sheffield’s O2 Academy on the 5th May with support from Club Drive. Tickets are £12 and are available here.

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