Interview: Eats Everything

Hot off the back of his new monthly Radio 1 residency and a number of killer releases on his Edible label, Leo Burrell caught up with Bristol house DJ/Producer Eats Everything ahead of his headline slot for MUZIK at Code Warehouse with Skream, Solardo, Detlef and Jamie Roy on March 10th.

Things are really kicking off with your Edible label lately. What’s next in the pipeline? The upcoming Waze and Odyssey tune sounds pretty special!

Really excited about the Waze release, and there has been a great response for the record so far – so we’re looking forward to getting that one out, for sure! There’s lots of exciting stuff in the pipeline. I won’t give the game away but you can definitely expect more great music from Edible in 2017.

What’s the endgame for the label? Do you want to develop a particular sound or will variety always be the main aim?
I don’t really have an endgame as such, but I’d like the label to stay quite varied. I’m definitely always on the lookout for stuff that’s a bit different.

Congratulations on getting your monthly Radio 1 slot, by the way. Does it feel like a particular milestone in your career?
It’s definitely a milestone, but I never really imagined that it would be something I’d get to do. I was introduced to dance music via the Pet Shop Boys on Radio 1 and I’ve been listening to Pete Tong since I was 13, so the station has a special place in my heart. It’s actually pretty mind-blowing that they’ve given me my own show!

Will you be continuing your weekly Mixcloud show?
We’ve been keeping that going with recordings from some of my favourite sets, as it’s important to keep it up for friends and fans who can’t be at those parties. The R1 residency is more of a chance to really go through my record bag and play a real variety of styles and records.

Have you played in the reopened Fabric yet? Do you think in hindsight the temporary closure may serve the club well, maybe reminding people how important it is for London and the UK?
Yes, I played it a couple of weeks ago and to DJ there so soon after the reopening was a real honour. It was just as good as we all remembered it! It was amazing to see how many people got involved and really rallied behind it, and if it wasn’t for that huge amount of attention I doubt it would have been given a second chance. It’s a shame it was for the wrong reasons, but hopefully it’s shown the authorities that the dance music community won’t go quietly.

The Space Ibiza closing party looked absolutely ridiculous too. Any favourite stories from that weekend or the club itself?
The closing was an incredible night with so much good music, although it was obviously bittersweet. To this day the best DJ set I’ve ever seen was Thomas Bangalter on Space Terrace in 1998, the things he was doing were INSANE.

Who are your your breakthrough acts of 2017?
Elliot Adamson is someone to look out for in 2017! The kid is an animal and he makes an insane amount of music. Wicked DJ, too.

Eats Everything hits MUZIK Events alongside Skream, Solardo, Detlef and Jamie Roy on Friday March 10th at Code Warehouse. Support comes from Steve Lynam.
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