Album Review: International Teachers of Pop

Talk about an instant classic!

You might recall we had a chat and pint or two with Dean Honer and Adrian Flanagan way back in August, ahead of the International Teachers Of Pop’s storming set at last year’s Sensoria festival, and this is the album they promised us way back then. If you were lucky enough to catch that show, or maybe one they did supporting Jarvis Cocker in the Devil’s Arse, you will no doubt be looking forward to hearing this album. Even though expectations have certainly been running high, it does not disappoint.

It opens with the pure infectious joy of ‘After Dark’ and pretty much never gives up for the next forty-odd minutes.They have somehow managed to navigate their way skillfully between retro pop and fresh, exciting synth-driven songs. It’s not really a surprise that they have managed to do this, having worked with everyone from The Human League to Britney Spears. On top of this, they have carved out a more recent career as part of the Moonlandingz, so neither of them are new to the world of modern pop. I’m seeing this as the latest culmination of years of growing music success.

Standout tracks are hard to pick, but on early impressions, ‘She Walks’ possibly has the edge for me. It shimmers and dances so brightly it almost dazzles. There’s a relentless creative force running through these songs, and they never let up playing with your senses. Rippling synth lines, catchy choruses, and the perfect vocals of  Leonore Wheatley, all combine with production and arrangements which are, quite frankly, bloomin’ brilliant. Dean and Adrian’s creative efforts thus far have shone brightly, but rather briefly.

I really think that if this project is allowed to run its course, this is only just the beginning for the International Teachers Of Pop.


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