Tramlines 2017: Hot 8 Brass Band @ Ponderosa Park

Hot 8 Brass Band 


Opening at the Ponderosa main stage might phase some bands, but not the Hot 8 Brass Band. Word is that the last time they played Sheffield, they told the audience they’d enjoyed themselves so much they’d be back soon; so this was something of a triumphant, if somewhat short, return. It was essentially one long party groove, with hardly a break between the songs, as the entire audience who were dancing at the front obeyed their entreaties to get both down and up.

They came all the way from New Orleans to play the main stage in the Sheffield sunshine, which appeared perfectly on cue as they took to the stage. Their sound somewhat belies the tragic but inspiring stories behind their music, having overcome personal loss within the band and the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. They have a legion of fans all over the world and have worked with the likes of Spike Lee to spread their band of life-affirming music. It was a bubbling, exciting, irrepressible combination of funk, jazz brass and just plain old fun.

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