Tramlines 2017: The Harringtons @ The Great Gatsby

Tramlines kicks off tonight and we sent Dan Collins to the Great Gatsby to see if The Harringtons could get the party started …

The Harringtons

Great Gatsby, Friday

On first glance, Harringtons may seem a little derivative of some of your favourite acts: their bass player, Brad Cartwright, has the big hair of a Rolling Stone, and all their tops are buttoned all the way up. But to cast such aspersions and dismiss them is unfair; after all, there’s nothing wrong with wearing your influences on your sleeve. The trio make as much noise as a five-piece, with all the melody remaining intact. The rhythm section of the songs played by Brad and drummer  Jordan Watkin are as tight as any band you’ll hear on Radio 1, and the lyrics, usually about young love, good times and escapism fit nicely in with the vibrant, up-tempo nature of their songs. The highlight of the set was massive ear worm ‘Young Forever’; its chorus and guitar solo fit comfortably in the pantheon of great rock ‘n’ roll music.


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