Goat Girl @ Picture House Social

Goat Girl are far from their southern habitat at Picture House Social tonight, but the four-piece still pull a decent crowd off the back of popular debut single ‘Country Sleaze’ and a whole host of hype-inducing ‘band to watch’ recommendations.

Charged lyrics are at the heart of every song and repeatedly show the deeply buried discontent at play. ‘Scum’ opens with a droning riff, fittingly accompanied by the lyrics “How can an entire nation be so fucking thick?” – bluntly affirming, one might suppose, their stance on Pro-Brexit Britain… or Trump… or both. The swinging chords of ‘Country Sleaze’ are accompanied by more harsh critique: “I’m disgusted, I’m ashamed of this so-called human race”.

Band members don’t exemplify any wild personalities whilst onstage: chit-chat is at a minimum as they stick to subtle guitar riffs which jab away and lead to a progressively fierce charge of noise. When sleazy hooks are combined with brutally honest lyrics it produces an immersive sound that fits together almost effortlessly, impressive for a band still in their younger stages and completely deserving of the excitement they’ve generated so far. Expect to hear plenty more from them soon.

Words and Pics: Jacob Flannery  

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