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Gig Review: The K’s @ The Leadmill

Words: Laura Mills
Photography: Rebecca Wood

My favourite cheeky chaps The K’s made another trip down to The Leadmill, this time on the main stage, and the whole evening sweet mayhem and utter carnage.

The – can you believe it – UNSIGNED four-piece kicked off their set with ‘Picture’. An electric guitar riff forces this track forward, the crowd surging forward with it. Drinks flying, shirts pulled, faces absolutely submerged in sweat but nevertheless having a f**king blast with their mates and a band who loves their fans devotedly. As usual, Jamie’s vocals are strong and confident, making every word he sings race through my mind.

“But I’veeee / Got a feeling you’ve explained it”

Next up was ‘Got a Feeling’. A common theme within The K’s music are these big, electric guitar riffs and that is one of my favourite things about them; this song absolutely lived up to that. Opening with a blinding riff, fans took no time to recognise this one and then it was party time. By party, I mean someone set off a flare during the second song, which sent our singer away from the mic, and naturally the crowd took over singing.

It is of great importance to mention how The K’s showed complete gratitude towards their team throughout the entire evening. Such amazing lads!

During this set, the band decided to tease us playing a new song called ‘Transfer’. Despite not being released, their adoring fans knew exactly what to do, clapping along to support their band. Dexter also added fuel to the fire, playing the distinctive ‘I Wanna Be Adored’ riff in between songs.

Looking at the bigger picture, none of this night could have been possible without the venue it was held in, The Leadmill. The K’s reminded us what’s at stake and encouraged us to sign the petition to save The Leadmill, which was followed by cheering from the crowd.

“Cos I feel you coursing through my veins”

You know what’s next: ‘Glass Towns’. When the band started to play this one, I don’t think there was a single body standing stationary but there was definitely a lot of Red Stripe in the air.

Now, now. I can’t possibly do a write up of The K’s show without mentioning their latest release ‘Hometown’. What a f**king song!

The opening instrumental is, for me, their strongest yet. It oozes utter confidence; a group of lads that are so very self-assured in the sound they want to create. Lyrically it’s fun, it’s cheeky but looking closely there is also a clear narrative and that’s when your music becomes something people can really resonate with, and by god, these lads have done it!

My favourite part of this track is the bridge where the instrumental is stripped down, Jamie’s voice takes complete centre stage singing: “And he’s so easily persuaded / By his need to feel sedated / And the only way to get it / Is to empty his pockets / Into the boys’ he hated at school.”

I can’t exactly explain why but The K’s really are my soft spot band. Maybe it’s their humbleness? Maybe it’s their charm? Maybe it’s their sensational music? True be told, it’s probably all of those things, but I will always continue to support their journey.

Thank you, lads.

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