Exposed nipped down to the Sherlocks’ secret gig at the arena

On Wednesday evening, SIV Live hosted their third exclusive live show to date with an acoustic set from Yorkshire’s rising stars The Sherlocks.

The night commenced with a few short speeches. Dominic Stokes, the head of SIV Live, opened the night by explaining the ins and outs of the company. He described the gigs they do as “exclusive, money can’t buy” and there was a real sense in the atmosphere of it being a rare and special occasion. Just as his speech was coming to a close, he teased the room by saying that “there’s a lot more to come” from SIV Live.

As the cameras started to roll and we went live, Dominic Stokes invited The Sherlocks to the stage and they were met with a warm reception from the diverse crowd. As the band took to the stage, they instantly connected with the audience after singer Kiaran Cook made a joke “keep clapping while we’re plugging”. They opened with ‘Will You Be There?’, which is one of the band’s biggest tracks to date. Throughout the performance of this song, The Sherlocks’ vocals were bold and charismatic and during the chorus, each of the band members’ vocals linked together, creating a sweet and satisfying tone which was a real pleasure to listen to.

From track to track, the band interacted with each other by playing their instruments side by side whilst looking amongst each other with smiles and eye contact that seemed not only supportive but also captured how much they were enjoying this amazing opportunity together. During every performance, The Sherlocks also engaged with the crowd by encouraging them to sing along whilst building this precious rapport with their fans – something that is not seen with many artists nowadays.

Just before the band launched into ‘Live For The Moment’, they described this song as “one of the first proper tunes [they] released” and how, after gaining “a couple of fans”, they “just built on it from there”. This alone showed how special the song was to The Sherlocks and their fans too. It received an amazing reaction from everyone in the room – the crowd sung their hearts out and were all brought together by this superb song.

Unsurprisingly, the band then played one of their latest releases, ‘Waiting’, which is already in their top five tracks on Spotify. All the fans were very much engaged during the performance of this track and despite it only being released a couple of weeks ago, they already knew all the lyrics. ‘Waiting’ is the kind of track you know will be belted out in venues around the country during The Sherlocks’ upcoming tour. They also made sure that everyone was catered for during their sing-song covering ‘Hey Jude’, which united every single soul in the room.

The performance was closed with one of the band’s most popular songs, ‘Chasing Shadows’, which was then followed by a short Q&A where The Sherlocks spoke about their new album, ‘Under Your Sky’, which is going to be released next month. The album was recorded in Liverpool, one of the UK’s biggest music capitals, with help from lead singer of The Coral, James Skelly. They also spoke about their ‘Pre-Tour’ and UK tour, which also starts next month and will see the band venturing to record shops and venues around the country. It sounds like it’s going to be a very exciting couple of months for these lads.

Shortly after, I spoke with Guitarist Andy Davidson who described their supporting slot for the Kaiser Chiefs earlier in 2019 as “one of [his] biggest moments of this year”.

It’s essential to not forget all the people who made all this happen. Catching a word with the man behind it all, Dom Stokes described SIV Live’s mission for events as “a slightly different format within the arena to create a connection […] an intimate gig”. He spoke of the arena highly, describing it as not being new but having “soul, history and heritage”. SIV Live has set-ups like this not only in the arena but in other venues in Sheffield like the City Hall and also around the country in places such as Scarborough and Whitby too. They’ve worked with other bands from around the local area as well as with performers from bigger platforms such as The X Factor.

In the next few months, the arena will be welcoming more big stars into its doors including the likes of Ariana Grande and Liam Gallagher. However these exclusive events will always have a certain charm and excitement to them that cannot always be captured on a big stage. SIV Live has got it spot on introducing us to the next big stars in a very special way.

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