Album review: AM Jazz – Jim Noir

Oh my goodness. The very idea that Jim Noir was about to release an album has been floating around social media for months, but I’ve been disappointed before, so I tried not to get too excited. Then AM Jazz appears. This is no ordinary album, this is a Jim Noir album. Forget the January sales – buy this now. There is no finer collection of perfectly formed pop tunes currently available.
Ever since I saw him perform The Tower Of Love at the Leadmill in 2005, I’ve been convinced that Jim was the saviour of pop music. It never quite happened, and his moment seemed to pass but at his best, Jim Noir’s ability to craft and produce pop music has echoes of The Beach Boys and the Beatles. He can compose lush, melodic soundscapes, and instantly catchy pop tunes in equal measure, and all from his flat in Daveyhulme. My current favourite track, ‘Hexagons’ has, with a George Martin feel to it with an unmistakable sixties vibe floating through it. As the album moves into the second half, the tracks become more instrumental, which you might thing was less interesting, but not so at all.
You can chose any one of the ten astonishing tracks on here and marvel at the creative process going on in one man’s head. My only complaint is the music is limited by being played entirely by Jim himself. I’m hoping he’ll one day play these with a live band. His previous albums, in all their greatness, have only ever benefited from being expanded to cater for a live audience.

It’s comforting to know we can begin the new decade with some lovely music from Gentleman Jim.

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