A Quickie With… Brother Gun

The Sheffield rockers launch their debut EP at The Washy this Friday – and you can bag yourself a free CD!  Have a listen to first track ‘Loose Wires’ below. 

For those not yet familiar with the band, can you provide us with a quick History 101 in Brother Gun?
We’ve been writing together for quite a while now but this is the first music we’ve put out since being a band. All of us have played our instruments since being little and played in other bands; it’s just sort of worked out well that we’re all good friends and from messing around in a practice room this band has come about.

You’re launching the Traiteur EP at the Washy on August 17th. Are there any particular themes or influences running through the record?
Our practice room is on the river, some of the rooms got flooded at the start of the year so some of the lyrics ended up around the semantics of that. The music is focused quite heavily on the bass and drums, and we’re just trying to come up with tunes you struggle to get out of your head for a couple of days!

For anyone at a loose end next Friday, persuade them why they should head down to the Washy and get involved.
The EP is four songs we’re dead proud of, and we’re celebrating the hard work by giving them away for free. There’ll be free CDs for everyone on the night and free downloads online to go along with it. It’s going to be a great night. Reflektor are our support and they are always brilliant to watch. We can’t think of a better way to spend a Friday night…

What’s the craic for the rest of 2018, chaps?
We’ve got some more tunes simmering away at the minute, so if Friday goes well and the CD is a success we’ll getting back recording and planning another release before the end of the year. That would be a nice way to finish off 2018.



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