Whose Round Is It Anyway?: Student Special

Sean Clarke of Beer Central lists a number of tipples perfect for Sheffield’s student population. Enjoy!  

Hope you enjoyed Tryanuary and got out and about during the month to try lots of new brews! As this month’s edition of Exposed is a Sheffield student special, we thought we should follow its lead and suggest a few beers that young academics of the city might be extra interested in. To be honest, all these beers would be perfect for any type of drinker, but let’s put a ‘student’ slant on things and see how we go…

Value – Ashover Brewery.
Let’s face it: money’s always tight and beer should be seen as a nice treat to have now and again; there lots of other things to spend the pennies on and despite our own instincts, we fully appreciate that beer shouldn’t always come first! Anyway, we thought about which breweries offer that bit of value without reducing quality and the answer was easy – Ashover Brewery. You’ll find them nestled between Chesterfield and Matlock and thankfully many pubs/bars/bottle shops in Sheffield stock them. We have a current range of 17 different bottled beers and the variety they offer is amazing. A Hoppy Red, Milk Stout, Pale Ale, Imperial Stout, Wheat Beer, Raspberry Stout, the list goes on – all bottle conditioned, which is much better than being filtered, and the prices are great. Seek out Ashover, we’re certain you’ll be happy and so will your bank manager!

Design – Cloudwater
We get loads of students in the shop who particularly like to focus on design, exploring the many varied bottles and cans available and always looking for something new. One brewery always catches the most attention, and no surprise to hear it’s Cloudwater. Not only are they rated as one of the UK’s very best breweries, they invite a great many artists and designers to create their distinctive, beautifully colourful labels. If you like design, if you like beer, it has to be Cloudwater (or possibly Northern Monk, maybe Tiny Rebel, the Track bottles are lovely – oh, and we also like the Verdant cans too!)

Local – Sentinel
If you live in a city, it’s always nice to support the city’s many local independent businesses, so why not look towards the city centre’s only brewery and taphouse in Sentinel Brewhouse. Based on Shoreham Street, just a few minutes walk from the railway station, Sentinel employ many local youngsters to work in the bar & brewery, something we’re always happy to see. They brew a wide range of beers including a chocolate orange stout, hoppy pale ales and wheat beers too. Try them fresh from the taphouse or buy them from Sheffield’s bottle shops. You’ll be supporting a local business and drinking good beer at the same time.

Student Bonus: Beer Central is offering all students (with a valid university/college ID card) a nice juicy 10% OFF Discount on all February purchases!

Watch out for next month’s column, as March is going to be mighty for beer in the Steel City!

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