Abbeydale Road’s vegan cafe announces closure

Owners of Sheffield’s first ever Vegan cafe, The Burger Garden, have taken the decision to close its doors for now.

Owners Maisie and Shaun made the announcement over the weekend on their Facebook and Instagram pages. The last day of operation at the Abbeydale Road premises is set to be 2 September.

The announcement said:”We’ve watched Sheffield grow from us being the first vegan cafe to there now being six fully vegan eateries in Sheffield and its time for us to go and enjoy these amazing places for ourselves. We’re super proud of what we’ve achieved and we have so much more to offer to the Vegan community but feel we need some headspace so we can put our plan into action. This is our hiatus and we hope to not be out of action for too long (we love feeding you guys too much).”

It looks like exciting things are still yet to come for the vegan community though, with Maisie and Shaun teasing of future ventures. Saying they “Can’t wait to show you what we do next! Watch this space because it’s gonna be huge. Catch us at various TBA fairs and festivals.

For more information see The Burger Garden’s  Facebook page.

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