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2PoundsMeal: New food delivery service brings £2.99 Korean meals to you

Calling all hungry students and professionals, 2poundsmeal is shaking up your lunch break by providing a quick and easy way to beat the lunchtime queue, and an answer to that age old question “what can I have for lunch?” that doesn’t involve a soggy sandwich.  

You can pre-order their Korean-based food for delivery at just £2.99 a main (so not really two pounds, but we’re not going to quibble with 99p) and £1.50 a side.

The delivery route stops through University of Sheffield Student’s Union, libraries the Diamond and the IC down to Portobello and Allen Court, so largely catering for hungry Uni Of students mid-library session at the moment.

With the likes of Song-Song Padak (Korean fried chicken), Gimbap (sushi rolls) and Honey Soya Chicken for you to add to your basket, Jin Kim, (owner of the start-up business) says “We are pleased to announce that we can provide the smartest way of having lunch for people in Sheffield. Our ultimate goal is to help customers save their money, time, and belly. We also promise high-level of hygiene care during cooking as well as delivery.”

You can also bulk order your food with your friends or colleagues, with the option of a group order booking form. If you miss out at lunch, the delivery service is also available for dinner 6-7pm and for a late snack 10-11pm, Mon-Fri.

Visit to order and for more info!

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