The Gatsby and Shy Boy Cantina to return!

Ten years in the game and still going strong… just! Despite a very close brush with death at the beginning of lockdown due to the usual myopia of a pubco landlord, the decade-old boozer on the corner of Division Street and Rockingham Street is set to rise, phoenix-like, from the ashes of 2020.

The Gatsby is a total chameleon. Fancy a civilised after-work pint? A bangin’ burrito from the (returning) Shy Boy Cantina? Or a completely uncivilised 3am rager on a Saturday night? We’ve done all these things and more within the cosy confines of this much-loved Division Street gaff. 

Co-owner James O’Hara spoke to Exposed about his excitement at confirming the bar’s return: “After months of stressful wranglings with the landlords and after having to come to terms with the very real possibility that the bar we’d spent a decade in would be taken away from us, we’re absolutely chuffed that we’ve managed to reach a deal that will keep the Gatsby marching on – and its old pal Shy Boy will be making a return to join in the fun.”

The much-loved Shy Boy Cantina will be making a welcome return in the Gatsby kitchen

With the challenges facing city centres and the homogenisation of high streets across the country, places like The Great Gatsby feel more vital than ever and we look forward to ten more years of hustle from this pocket rocket of a pub! 

Guess we’ll catch you all there for a bite and a boogie this summer, then?

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