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Sweet dreams are made of cheese: Spotlight on Italianeese Sheffield

If you are a cheese lover look no further than Italianeese, Sheffield’s indie snack haven ready to bring a smile to your face and warmth to the soul.

Cheese is the staple for Italianeese, and it is this richness paired with onions encased in a deliciously fluffy bread roll that makes it a real winner. It’s a great alternative to pizza and perfect for picnics and snacks – it’s fluffy, it’s cheesy, it’s Italianeese!

The dough is always vegan, with a choice between either vegan or vegetarian cheese. Then it’s all baked and topped with vegan or non-vegan egg wash and organic oregano, producing a luxurious aroma ready to tease the taste buds. 

Time to set your mind at cheese

Italianeese also takes inspiration from the community, adapting the recipe so that they are something that can be made locally. It’s a small operation full of personal touches, with a focus on sustainability and community; they source organic products and collaborate with Sheffield Made, a delivery company which has become an online farmers market taking pride in working with local producers. Along with Sheffield Made, local delivery apps deliver these freshly baked goodies door to door, and Italianeese are proud to be interacting with clients at home, aiming to provide a sustainable service online to cater for the hungry customer.

In recent months, they have participated in pop-ups at local venues such as Whaletown Coffee Co. and you can also grab their their delights from the likes of Beanies Wholefoods, Box Bakery and The Chakra Lounge. Next time you’re feeling peckish why not cheese the day and give ’em a go? (Sorry about that one).

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