Smokin’ Bull is now open for takeaway – here’s how they’ve adapted during lockdown

Hey Smokin’ Bull, we’ve missed you guys! How’ve you been coping during the lockdown?
We’ve been OK. All of the team are constantly talking in group chats and have been really supportive of each other. We’re a small, tight group of people who look out for each other. Not to say this has come without its challenges, but you have to remain positive with how you look at things and knowing that it will come to an end eventually.

Until you can open the doors again, how can people still get their burger fix?
It’s a completely new area for us but we’re now available for deliveries on City Grab and Deliveroo. We’ve implemented strict measures indoors to ensure we can operate as safely as possible whilst still providing the best quality food we can. We’ve also built a temporary counter at the front of the restaurant to allow for collections.

For the uninitiated out there, tell us what Smokin’ Bull is all about?
Our aim is simply to provide the best quality food as reasonably priced as we can, all whilst giving a great restaurant service. All burgers come with freshly cooked skin-on fries and start from as little as £7.95. We’re locals ourselves and independent, so we try to use as many local suppliers as possible. We’re a firm believer in supporting others. We have vegan options, including desserts, and the majority of our menu is gluten-free simply by switching out the burger bun.

Moving forward, what are the current plans looking towards reopening?
We’re confident that we will reopen when the time is right and when it is safe to do so. We have plans in place already based on current information, which is is subject to change of course, but we will be ready. We’re ready with a brand new menu once we reopen, which is exciting for us, and we’re introducing a new range of burgers. We’re also exploring new areas such as breakfast offerings. Watch this space… // @smokinbullsheffield

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