Silversmiths’ Justin Meets Gordon Ramsay On The Nightly Show

Love Silversmiths? Ruthless TV chef Gordon Ramsay might be the reason why.

Gordon Ramsay received a blast from the past last Friday when he appeared on ITV’s The Nightly Show hosted by Dermot O’ Leary, and was faced with Silversmith’s owner Justin Rountree. All the way back in 2009, Justin appeared on Ramsay’s brutal TV show ‘Great British Nightmares’. By now you know the score with Gordon, lots of shouting, lots of swearing, lots of tasting a restaurant’s prided cuisine and completely slating every single aspect of it. And the same approach was implemented when Gordon visited Justin’s originally named restaurant The Runaway Girl.

Originally a recruitment consultant, Justin Rountree opened Spanish tapas restaurant The Runaway Girl in 2007 right in the heart of the city. But two years later, Justin requested the help off the feisty chef, and it all went swimmingly, right? On arriving to the restaurant, Gordon commented on the aesthetic of the place looking like a “fucking lap-dancing hole”. But over time, Gordon converted the dark diner to what is now the popular eatery Silversmiths.

Fast-forward eight years to present day when Justin appeared as a surprise guest on the ITV show. Gordon took part in the feature ‘Game Of Your Life’, where a clip of Justin’s episode was revealed, as Gordon completely annihilates him for bringing a steak back to the kitchen, screaming “it is well-done, that’s gristle you fucking idiot.” To Gordon’s utter shock, Dermot announces Justin as he appears from backstage, smiles and all for man who turned his restaurant around. They exchange warmed handshakes and hugs, no love lost.

Despite his vicious method, Justin has a lot of respect and admiration for Gordon, “For me the greatest thing was that after The Nightly Show, Gordon and I had time to speak properly and he was asking lots of questions about how the restaurant was doing. I was at last able to thank the man personally without whom I would not be here today. I told him I had learnt so much from him and stuck to the blueprint he gave me and never forgot the many lessons he taught me. Not a week goes by without me mentally referring to his advice.”

When chatting to Gordon after the show, he said it was one of the most emotional episodes he has ever filmed and of course would never forget it. Silversmiths has since gone on to win many awards over the years including Exposed’s Sheffield’s Best Restaurant Award, Yorkshire’s Best Restaurant and has been featured in The Good Food Guide.

Justin is now offering consulting sessions with local start-ups and restaurants in Sheffield struggling to grow and has recently taken on his first client. Upon telling Ramsay this, he stated: “Wow, you’re kidding me… good luck with that, take it from me, it’s not easy.”

An internationally acclaimed chef and TV personality, we wanted to know the nitty gritty, what was Gordon really like? Justin simply told us: “he genuinely cares and has real pride in the work he does. Yes he shredded me to pieces but it was a process he had to go through in order for me to see where I was going wrong and then be open to take on the invaluable advice that has taken me to where I am today. I am not just a better restaurateur but a better man because of Gordon.”

You can watch the full nightly show episode on ITV Player now and Justin’s full British Nightmares episode here.

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