Sheffield Food Festival – Grub’s Up!

From sumptuous street food to artisan makers, this year there are more traders than ever at the Sheffield Food Festival. With such a diverse range on offer, we’ve rounded up a small handful to whet your appetite.

Percy and Lily’s
Two vintage Citroen H Vans make up one of the most exciting street food businesses in the north. Owners Trudie Colman and Justine Twigge have travelled the world together, experiencing various exotic food cultures on their way and returning with culinary inspiration for their ever-changing menus. This time they’ll be serving up Lebanese flatbreads and soul food boxes as well as their street food cookbooks so you can have a go at their globe-trotting recipes yourself!

Street Food Chef
One of the city’s best-loved street food vendors, the award-winning burritos and quesadillas from Street Food Chef are a firm favourite amongst the Sheffield foodie faithful. Over the years the family-run business has grown from a 3 x 2m trailer to operating four venues across the city, including a Mexican Canteen on Arundel Street and bustling burrito bar on Pinstone Street. From their burritos filled with either Moss Valley pork, shredded chicken, beef brisket or vegetarian-friendly bean chilli to tacos, quesadillas and nachos alongside fresh homemade salsa options – there’s always something to satisfy the taste buds.

Fancy An Indian
Bringing their delicious selection of Indian street food to the party, Fancy An Indian will be on hand serving hearty wraps stuffed with either lamb keema, spicy shredded chicken, chick pea curry or spicy potato balls – all served with homemade pickles and sauces. You’re covered for lighter bites too, with Indian snack boxes offering tasty nibbles such as potato and kale pakora, aubergine fritters plus poppadoms and spicy nuts. They will also be selling their homemade garam masala spices and Indian chai spices.

The Gravy Train
For those not in the know, poutine is a Canadian-invented delicacy made from a delicious, belly-busting combination of gravy, cheese curds and fries. Specifically picking Sheffield as the HQ of their business, the guys behind The Gravy Train did their research and favoured the Steel City after discovering just how much we support and champion small independent businesses. And for our northern gravy-loving tendencies, of course. After many incarnations and tireless testing they perfected the ultimate gravy recipe, to then be slathered over homemade fries and scattered with their squeaky cheese curds. Whether you have the traditional version or top yours with shredded barbeque chicken, mapled bacon, crispy onions, roasted peppers, choppy Cajun slaw, soured cream or sautéed mushrooms – it’s guaranteed to be a winner. Vegan and gluten-free options are also available.

While eating insects may only be considered something enjoyed as a delicacy in a far-flung country, or by a curious toddler in the garden, Sheffield-based snack bar company Yumpa see things differently. Not only are insects like crickets sustainable to farm and contain a high level of protein and various important vitamins, but they can also be pretty darn tasty. Using cricket flour to make energy-rich snack bars of flavours ranging from tangy thai to peanut salt crunch, Yumpa are challenging preconceptions in a bid to change the way we think about food production.

To find out more about the Sheffield Food Festival 2017, click here.

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