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Spotlight on: Sakushi

Tucked away on Campo Lane just behind the cathedral, sushi and noodle bar Sakushi has been serving up award-winning Asian cuisine for the best part of a decade now. With a healthy list of accolades under its belt, the restaurant is showing no signs of letting standards slip and remains a shining beacon for Japanese snap in Sheffield.

So, why go here? Well, apart from winning a whole bunch of awards – Eat Sheffield’s Best Asian Restaurant 2016 and 2014, winner of the British Takeaway Awards in 2015 and named Best Japanese Takeaway in Britain in 2014 – they’ve got a revolving fresh sushi belt and you can order as many times as you like. Perfect for both substantial evening meals and light lunches, you can nibble your way through a stack of plates or grab what you want for a quick fix.


What’s the vibe? You won’t need to iron your tux; it’s more of a casual dining atmosphere here. General Manager Richard told Exposed: “At Sakushi we are all about people having a great time. We often get customers to sample new dishes and give feedback on what they think. We like to make people feel welcome, staff really get to know the customers and value their feedback”.

What should I order? The sushi takes centre stage (literally – it revolves around the middle of the restaurant) but they also do big bowls of delicious ramen noodles, fresh sashimi, kare, yaki, tempura, don buri, teriyaki dons, chahan … actually you’re on your own here because we can’t decide either!

If you’re scared to jump straight into the deep end with sushi, dip your toes in first. Richard advises trying their vegan and vegetarian sushi, or the sushi with cooked chicken and fish. If you like smoked salmon then move on to a salmon nigiri or maki roll. “You just have to keep an open mind and remember you might not like one dish, but that does not mean you do not like sushi.”

Sakushi - sheffield


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