Peaks Sports Bar: Former Rileys venue on Sharrow Vale Road gets a fresh look

The former home of Rileys Snooker Club, just off Sharrow Vale Road, has been given a much-needed facelift since it closed last summer, transforming the tired old snooker hall into a modern sports bar and restaurant.

The all-new Peaks Sports Bar, which takes its name from the three peaks in its roof and the city’s close links to the Peak District, is set to open later this month and is hoping to bring a completely different atmosphere to the space. No need to panic though; if you still fancy a few frames, the snooker and pool tables have been kept in place, but with the addition of new big screens to watch the sport, a row of dartboards for a quick game of arrows and a brand new kitchen smashing out freshly cooked local produce with a Tex Mex vibe (think wings, nachos and tacos). There will also be a bar serving cocktails alongside beers and lagers, as well as a spruced-up outdoor terrace, beer garden and chilled-out downstairs bar area.

Rileys Snooker Club announced its closure in July last year, and the incoming management saw an opportunity to widen the venue’s appeal.

Peaks co-owner Mamad Salamat has owned the building for the past 10 years or so, and throughout that period the space has always been used by its tenants as a snooker hall, but when Riley’s made the decision to close permanently in the middle of the pandemic, the owners took the decision to take on the project themselves.

Mamad explains: “When Riley’s went into administration, we took over and decided we wanted to create a sports bar, rather than a snooker hall. We wanted somewhere that’s good fun, has good food and drinks, and where you can watch the sport if you want to. Before it was just a snooker club, and a snooker club can be quite male-orientated, so we’re trying to get away from that – Peaks is for anybody and everybody. We want families to be able to come and enjoy the good food. and people to come in and enjoy a cocktail. We’ve revamped it to a higher standard. We put in a brand new roof, new lighting so it isn’t so dark, and we’ve created this new dining area.”

The Sharrow Vale Road venue has had a huge makeover and will be virtually unrecognisable when it reopens.

Mamad is feeling confident ahead of opening and he believes there is a space in the Sharrow area for this kind of venue. He said: “I think if you manage to create something good for the people, they will come. If we can look after the local community, then I think we should be fine. We’re just excited to open now!”

The outdoor terrace has been refurbed and a new beer garden space is also nearly finished.

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